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They tell me it’s a suicide mission. I intend to prove them wrong.

The best mission I’ve ever played in any video game

Average Lifespans in Mass Effect
  • Avoiding death by disease, combat, Shepard...
  • Vorcha: 20 years
  • Salarians: 40 years
  • Batarian: 80 years
  • Drell: 85 years
  • Volus: 85 years
  • Humans: 150 years
  • Turian: 150 years
  • Elcor: 500 years
  • Asari: 1,000 years
  • Krogan: 1,000+ years
  • Jenkins: 12 minutes

Kasumi touched the butt, guys.
She did it.


Kasumi touched the butt, guys.

She did it.



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"Know what I hate about deep space? Crap radio stations from two centuries back. Gosh, we were idiots."

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"who’s ass do I need to kick now " -G.V ME3


"who’s ass do I need to kick now " -G.V ME3

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mcdevious asked: I suppose this is kinda personal for you, but I remember a comment being made about during your wedding, you and Holly dressed up. And I sooooorta felt like I wanted to see how that turned out. If you wouldn't mind, of course.



Really?  Where did you hear about that?  I don’t recall mentioning it, but yes it’s true and I don’t mind sharing.  I didn’t really go into it on Tumblr, so better late then never, right?  Myself and Holly got married last year in September!  We did it in our back yard with all of our friends.  I dressed in a replica 10th Doctor suite and Holly is a really cool silver spacey dress.  

Also our cake was the Normandy..

We asked for the inside to be red velvet so it would look like the ship is burning when cut in half. 

Aw I love this

Sad Headcanon Time!




  • Shepard dies in the Reaper War
  • The Council lives
  • They try their hardest to cover up Shepard’s achievements
  • They even go so far as to deny Shepard a memorial on the Citadel
  • Normandy Crew fights tooth and nail to overturn the decision
  • To keep them quiet, the Council gives Shepard a small memorial
  • It’s not well cared for, and it gets vandalized, and no one cares
  • Mass Effect 4 takes place hundreds of years later
  • Protagonist finds the overgrown memorial
  • There’s graves of all the Normandy crew all around Shepard’s
  • Clicks on Shepard’s grave
  • "Hmm. I wonder who Commander Shepard was."
  • And there’s a rusty mech, mostly broken from disuse
  • She sits on the bench beside Joker’s grave
  • She says, repeating over and over and over like a broken record
  • "I am right here, Jeff."

Go Fuck Yourself, Asswipe


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